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 CIP and Sanitation  Instrumentation Scales and Analysis
 Used and Remanufactured

 Accu-ray Inspection Services -- Offering x-ray inspection services for the food industry.
 Advanced Food Processing Equipment, Inc -- Specialize in the design, manufacturing, and packaging of I.Q.F. equipment.
 AEW Thurne ltd -- Manufacturer of slicers and bandsaw cutting machines for automatic portion control, processing and food shaping.
 Ager Tank and Equipment Co. -- New and used processing and packaging equipment. Breweries and bottling lines for sale.
 AIM Blending Technologies -- Manufacturer of a wide variety of blending equipment for the food industry.
 Air Products -- Provides cryogenic batch and tunnel freezing, chilling and IQF equipment, liquid nitrogen, and MAP packaging gases.
 All Refrigeration Equipment, Inc. -- Manufacturers of industrial refrigeration equipment, also remanufactured and used deli display cases, blast freezers, refrigerated warehouses and refrigeration systems.
 Allpax -- Manufacturer of retorts, batch retorts, and food processing sterilization equipment used in producing low acid, shelf-stable foods. (editor note: site require Flash 5).
 Altman Industries -- Food processing equipment manufacturer: coring, sectioning, slicing, and sizing of vegetables and fruit.
 Andre Robin and Associates -- Manufactures food processing equipment: freezers, coolers and spiral conveyors. Located in Rancho Cordova, California.
 ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of food processing machines, such as spring roll machine, samosa machine, spring roll and pastry. Taiwan Based.
 Anko Food Machine Co., Ltd. -- Food processing equipment. Located in Taipei Hsien, Taiwan.
 Antenore Visentin -- Italian company supplier of mills systems, flaking system, cereals roller mills, and a second-hand machinery. In Italian and English.
 Asset Design, LLC -- Process and machinery engineering services.
 Auto Service Maintenance Co. -- Processing equipment such as ginger and vegetable washing machines, air driers, mills and grading machines.Located in Taiwan.
 AWEMA AG Switzerland -- Swiss manufacturer of weighing, confectionery and packaging machines.
 Barsso nv. -- Providers of used food processing machines for meat, fish, poultry. Located in Belgium.
 Bat Forum BT -- Producer of machines and devices for packing, and equipment such as conveyors, for transportation inside plants.
 BatchMaster -- Buyers and sellers of new and used meat and poultry processing equipment.
 Baynflax -- Designer and manufacturer of food processing equipment. Located in UK.
 Besseling Agri-Technic B.V. -- Manufacture of equipment to store fruits and vegetables.
 Britek -- Manufacturers of food processing equipment.
 Brown International Corporation. -- Manufacturer serving the citrus and tropical fruit industry, specialize in extractors, pulpers, washers and other machines for the processing of citrus juices and tropical fruits.
 Butcher and Packer Supply Co. -- Offers commercial-grade cutlery, game lifts, grinders, casings and other meatpacking and sausage making equipment.
 C.I.A. Srl -- Offering food packaging and filling machines, sealing machines, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging. Based in Italy, export worldwide.
 California Food Equipment, LLC -- Supplier of new, used and reconditioned processing equipment.
 Cantrell International -- Equipment manufacturer for the food processing, snack food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries.
 Care Controls, Inc -- Inspection for packaging, vacuum, weight, and container.
 Carlisle Process Systems -- Equipment and turnkey systems to the hygienic liquid process industries and supplies.
 Carlisle Process Systems -- Provides capital equipment and turnkey systems to the hygienic liquid process industries.
 Carlisle Technology -- Offers solutions for processing plants: weighing, labelling, tracking, and reporting.
 Casa Herrera Inc. -- Food processing and cooking equipment.
 Cavalieri Srl -- Manufacturers of food processing equipment and tomato processing lines. Located in Parma, Italy.
 CBR Food Technic; GmbH Kühsen Germany -- German company specialized in the design of machinery for the food processing industry.
 Cerex AG -- Swiss company offers grain processing technologies, research and consultancy.
 Chester Jensen Co., Inc. -- Manufacturers of sanitary stainless steel heat exchange and processing equipment.
 Chieh Song Machine Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of beverage and foods processing machinery. Based in Taiwan.
 Chih Cheng Casting Factory Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of processing machinery, dough mixer and hook, flat and wire beater, and molds. Located in Taiwan.
 Chio Sun Pole Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of food processing machines, such as mincer machine, sausage machine,and meat grinding. Taiwan.
 ChocoVision Corp. -- Manufacturer and marketer of chocolate and confectionery processing equipment.
 Chusheng Food Machinery Works Co., Ltd -- Manufacturer of food processing equipment. Located in Taiwan.
 Cica Export -- Manufacturer and supplier of new and reconditioned bakery equipment.
 Claypack Packaging Machinery Ltd. -- Manufacture of packaging equipment for fruit and vegetable.
 Cleanberry -- Offer equipment for cleaning berries.
 Coat and Fry International Ltd -- Manufacture of conveyor equipment, for frozen, and snack food.
 Coldtech Corp -- Suppliers of freezers and various refrigeration products serving the refrigerated and frozen product industry for the past decade.
 Commercial Dehydrator Systems -- Makers of dryers, dehydrators, kilns, roasters and ovens.
 Commercial Forced Air, Inc. -- Designs and builds pressurized ripening rooms and forced air pre-coolers. Offers a downloadable product brochure, completed project photographs and a virtual tour of facilities .
 Cook King, Inc. -- Manufacturers of food processing equipment: food conveyor systems, broilers, ovens, and oil filter systems.
 Crescent Systems, Inc. -- Consulting, engineering and manufacturing services providing products and services to the food processing and packaging industries.
 Cristy Machine Co. -- Manufacturer of moist material dispensing equipment.
 Daken Stainless Products Ltd. -- Supplying spare parts, new equipment and service to the dairy, food and beverage industries.
 Dashanjiang Machine Works CO. Ltd. -- Company in China specialized in manufacturing noodle machine,rice vermicelli, pasta and maccaroni machines, prawn cracker machine, and starch equipment.
 Davison's Butcher Supply -- Servicing meat and food processing industries
 DC Norris and Company -- Manufacturers of food processing equipment and systems for ready meals and other foodstuffs.
 De Smet Group -- Equipment and services to the oils and fats industry: pressing, extraction, and refining.
 Deville Technologies Inc. -- Manufacturers of high capacity cheese shredders.
 Domenico Brancato -- Manufacturer of equipment for the accelerated ripening of fruits and for the controlled preservation of fruit and vegetable products. Products, services, brochure, information request form, and contact details.
 DSL Food Processing Ltd -- Distributor of processing equipment throughout the UK.
 Elmar Worldwide -- Manufactures fillers, and electronic control systems.
 Enfria -- An Australian company manufacturers of specialized cooling systems for fresh produce and cut flowers.
 Ercad Engineering -- Manufacturing of animal food processing machinery: mills, mixers, conveyors, bulk handling equipment, and nut processing machinery.
 Euroflow Engineering -- Specialist manufacturers of equipment for the food industry. Standard products include: denesters, depositors, lidders and conveyors.
 Extruders -- Offers extruders, dies, peripheral machines and parts for the food and plastics industry.
 Fabbri s.r.l. -- Manufacturer of bandsaws for butchery. Located in Italy.
 Fabricacion Maquinaria Alimentacion -- Spanish company leader of design, production and assembly of machinery for the agricultural and food industry.
 Fallsdell Machinery -- New and second hand machinery for the Food, Chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.
 Famco Automatic Linkers Ltd. -- Manufacture of automatic sausage linking machinery for the food industry. Located in Scotland.
 Flo-mech -- UK suppliers of equipment and services to the food processing industry.
 Flowcomm -- Distributor of sanitairy flow components.
 FMC Dryers and Coolers -- Industrial dryers, coolers, and processors.
 FMC FoodTech -- Food technology provider including harvesting, preparing, processing, packaging and preservation.
 Focused Technologies -- Designs and manufacture of electronic sorting equipment.
 Food And Biotech Engineers -- Manufacturers, consultant and designer of herbal extracts, nutraceuticals, fruit, dairy and food processing plant.
 Food Processing Design and Equipment Co. -- Manufacturer of commercial quality vacuum packaging machines and accessories, as well as smokehouse ovens with microprocessor controls for food service industries.
 Food Technology Applications Co. -- Designer, and builder of processing plants.
 Foramaflow Ltd -- Food and medical air filtration equipment. UK.
 Freestech -- Specializes in freezing, cooling and warehousing equipment for the food and dairy industry.
 Freeze Agro Ingenierie -- FAI designs and develops processing equipment for food products.
 Fresher Under Pressure -- Ultra high pressure technology allows the production of the highest quality foods by preserving it.
 Futura Equipment Corporation -- Offers food and beverage processing equipment.
 Futura Inc. -- Food and beverage processing equipment; custom-designed and manufactured equipment.
 Gartner Refrigeration -- Design and installation of industrial solutions, service of a build contractors.
 Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc. -- Stainless steel washing equipment for food processing, pharmaceutical production and laboratory research.
 Global Citrus Resources, Inc. -- Equipment and supplies for citrus , fresh fruit packing, and juice production.
 Goodnature Products, Inc. -- Designs and manufactures processing equipment: extraction and dewatering presses, pasteurizers, evaporators, infusers and shredders.
 Grain Tech Engineering Ltd. -- Suppliers of processing, handling and storage systems, New Zealand.
 Grain Technology -- Rice industry consultant, engineering, feasibility studies, design, construction and implementation of rice processing facilities
 Guangzhou People Machinery Factory -- Manufacturer of instant noodle production equipment.
 Guy Standeven -- Supplier and purchaser of quality used food machinery and processing equipment.
 Hacos -- Belgian producer of machinery for industrial manufacturing of chocolate.
 Heinzen Manufacturing (HMI) -- Designs, fabricates and installs custom food processing equipment for international fresh produce suppliers. Includes list of products and online catalog.
 Heshan Machinery Co. Ltd -- Specialised in instant noodle and rice noodle production lines.
 Hess Meat Machines -- Offers a wide variety of top of the line, new and used food processing equipment with a quality service department.
 HEUFT -- Germany based supplier of inspection equipment, high speed labelling machines, laning equipment and software mainly for the food and drinks industries.
 Highland Hills Farms, LTD -- Wholesale equipment supplier to the nut roasting and candy industries. Provides German nut roasting machines, raw and roasted nuts, candy, packaging supplies, and vending carts.
 Holly Sales and Service -- Supplying the meat and food processing industry new and used equipment parts, supplies and service.
 Hollymatic Corporation -- Manufacturers of food processing equipment including patty forming, mixer, grinders, saws, vacuum tumblers, and associated paper products.
 HRS Spiratube S.L. -- Manufacturer of heat exchangers, aseptic fillers, piston pumps, processing systems and more for food and chemical industry.
 HTECH -- Builds and services a wide selection of custom and standard material handling equipment.
 HvacZoom.US -- HVAC/R Search Engine, directory, and resource for the consumer, commercial, and industrial heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration market and industry. Find information from manufacturers, distributors, contractors, consultants, and software developers. Community news and board.
 Hyde Manufacturing Company -- Stainless Steel knives for food processing industries.
 I.J. White Spiral Systems -- Manufacturers of spiral blast freezing, cooling, proofing, accumulating and transporting for the food processing industry.
 Intec -- Manufacturers of automatic food preservation handling systems.
 Intelligent -- Turnkey processing lines for the vegetable processing industry.
 J. Furphy and Sons -- Specializing in the fabrication of steel and stainless steel process equipment for the dairy, wine and food industries. Located in Shepparton, Australia.
 J.C. Ford Company -- Manufacturer of corn tortilla and tortilla chip processing equipment. Product details and photos, company profile, and related links.
 Jaklic Jozef s.p. -- Slovenian manufacturer of stainless steel tanks used for storing, processing and transporting of liquid foodstuff including wine, fruit juices, milk, and oil.
 Jaymech Food Machines Ltd -- United Kingdom based manufacturer and distributor of industrial cheese grating machinery, vegetable shredding and food processing machines.
 JK Somme -- Manufacturer of can seamers for the fish, meat and vegetable canning industry.
 José Borrell S.A. -- Machinery for shelling, grading and blanching almonds, hazelnuts, and other nuts.
 K&Kurt Makina LTD. -- Offers chocolate machinery, from tempering machines, refiners to enrobers and cooling tunnels. Biscuit plants, snacks, confectionery machines, chewing gum machines, as well as turnkey projects. Located in Aegean Free Zone.
 Kang's Baking Industrial Co. -- Manufacturers of spiral, horizontal, vertical, planetary and vacuum mixers.
 Kaparis -- Greece based business offers meat processing, butcher's and food market equipment.
 Kiran Engineering Works -- Manufacturer of feed grinders and mixers, rice mills and polishers, and woodworking equipment. Located in Punjab and Delhi, India.
 Klockner KHS, Inc. -- Provider of high speed production equipment, processing systems and complete turnkey systems.
 Kovan Engineering -- Manufacturers of food extrusion and cooking equipment, based in Melbourne, Australia.
 Kumar Metal Industries -- Manufacture of equipment to refine edible oil from nuts and vegetable products.
 L & A Process Systems -- A provider of equipment and services for the food processing industries.
 L. Stocker and Sons, Inc. -- Selections of slicing blades and chopping knives, grinding stones, cutters, and replacement parts for all machines.
 Lai Kam Kee -- HongKong based manufacturer of food processing equipment includes food mixers, bakery ovens, electric fryers, centri fugal machines and bone saw machines.
 Lakewood Process Machinery, Inc. -- Manufacturers of food handling and filling systems, vision inspection and high-powered washers, and conveyors.
 Latini Enterprises -- Suppliers of quality confectionery processing, forming, and packaging machinery.
 Likai Induction Technology Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of food packaging machines.
 Linger -- Manufacturer of automatic can seaming machines.
 LMC International -- Manufacturer of equipment for the confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical and food processing industries
 Loma Systems -- Global suppliers of metal detectors and X-ray inspection equipment.
 Longzhu -- Manufacturer of rice milling machinery and oil processing equipment. Located in China.
 Lyco Manufacturing, Inc. -- Processing systems for vegetables, pasta, poultry, and meat products.
 Machinery World -- Manufactures machinery for use in the food industry. Product information and contact details.
 MacIntyre Chocolate Systems -- Offering chocolate manufacturing equipment for the chocolate, confectionery, and ice cream industries, contact information, and product database and inquiries form. Located in Arbroath, Scotland, United Kingdom.
 MACRA foodtech, Germany -- Woven Filters, brackets and hoses and accessories for pressing fruit juices.
 Marine Machines, Inc. -- Supplier of automated sea urchin processing machinery.
 Mau Tai Machinery Co., Ltd. -- Taiwan based manufacturer of food & agricultural machines, including cans and drinking equipment, fruit sugar concentrator, garlic selecting, cover removing machine, vegetable clearing conveyor, and more.
 MBA Suppliers, Inc. -- Buyer and seller of new, used, pre-owned and reconditioned meat and food processing equipment.
 Meat and Fish Cases by Design. -- A custom manufacturer of best-designed display showcases and merchandisers for the Meat, Fresh Meat, Deli, Cheese. A variety of refrigerated, dry and heated display cases made for a restaurant, supermarket, bakery, deli, café, and specialty foods outlet.
 MEC Food Machinery Australia. -- Sales and service of new and secondhand European food and beverage equipment.
 Mechanical Refrigeration, Inc. -- Lu-Cal IQF freezing systems for use in freezing large quantities of fruits and vegetables.
 Mechtronics International -- Manufactures and Supplies: slicers, paper interleavers, stacker, paper sheeter, and underleaving machines for the Food Processing Industry.
 Membrane Systems Specialists Inc. -- Offers membranes, milk concentration and whey refining projects.
 Meritech Inc. -- Manufactures CleanTech® automated hand and glove washing systems.
 Midwest BRD, Inc. -- Offers egg processing equipment.
 Morikawa Food Machinery -- Japanese manufacturer of food processing equipment. Located in Nagoya, Japan.
 Mushtaqs -- Specializing in automatic samosa, pastry, dumpling, ravioli, and spring roll machines. Located in Birmingham, UK.
 Mushtaqs Food Machinery ltd -- Manufacturer of samosa machines, cooking mixers, dough mixers, pastry rollers, sheesh kebab machines,
 NP & Company -- Japanese snack food processing machinery manufacturer.
 Oasis Santa Barbara Inc. -- Provides an irradiation system for purification of food.
 Orbiter Food Machinery, UK -- Supply a complete range of manufacturing systems for the food processing industry.
 Otech Co., Ltd -- Manufacturer of food processing and noodle making machinery and equipment.
 Ovobel -- Supplier of unique egg processing equipment, including eggbreaking and egg pasteurizers machines.
 Oxitest -- Products for measuring parameters in fats and oils.
 Packaging Progressions, Inc. -- Supplier of stainless steel food interleavers, paper interleavers, counter stackers, alignment devices, portion control, and process monitoring for the food industry.
 Packaging Technologies & Inspection -- Container and Package inspection technologies.
 Packing House Services, Inc. -- System design, service and maintenance of fruit and produce sorting, packaging, labeling and marking equipment.
 Pama Roma -- Italian Manufacturers of pasta making equipment.
 Paragon Integrators, Inc. -- Develop and install process systems for the beverage, brewing, dairy, food, ice cream and pharmaceutical industries.
 Paresh Engineering Co. -- Manufacturing and installation of food processing plants and machinery. Mumbai, India.
 PCM -- Food preparing and cooking machines, industrial systems from Italy
 Peters Group -- Provides industrial reliability maintenance services that focus on people, process and systems within the food industry and related machinery product providers.
 Petro Canada. -- Lubricants for the food processing industry including hydraulic oil, USP white oils, gear oil, grease, air compressor oil, chain oils and heat transfer fluid.
 Pineapple Processing Equipment Company -- Offers pineapple processing machinery for peeling, coring, slicing and tidbit cutting.
 Pioner Machinery -- Manufacturers of machineries and tea machinery spares.
 PMC Production LLC. -- Custom manufacturer of equipment and machinery for food processing industries: screw augers, vessels, tanks, and conveying equipment.
 PPM AB -- Offers potato and snack processing equipment.
 Prodmash -- Ukrainian manufacturer of production equipment for the food processing industry.
 Pujolas -- Specializing in building machine for food processing industry. Located in Olot, Spain.
 QMAQ -- Soya milk and bean curd machine.
 Republic sales and manufacturing -- Republic bottle drying and airknife drying system to meet your air-knive, aeration, bottle drying, meat and food processing needs.
 Rex Food Technologies -- Unique technology, machinery and ingredients for the simultaneous reconstitution and extrusion of foods.
 Sabko Industries -- Indian manufacturer of spice milling, grain grinding and mineral processing machines.
 San Joaquin Systems -- Providing the process industries with equipment and consulting services.
 Savage Bros. Co. -- Manufactures food processing equipment. Specializes in the confectionery, bakery and food industries. Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
 Schaaf Technologie GmbH -- Engaged in the business of developing and supplying extruders and extrusion technology for food and related applications. Germany based.
 SIG Combibloc -- Worldwide distributor of aseptic carton packaging systems for beverages, milk, food.
 SIVITEK -- Italian company offering bottling, oenolgy and packaging equipments.
 Sortex Ltd -- Supplier of color sorters machinery for food quality inspection for food processors, millers and exporters to remove defects from rice, coffee, beans, and so on.
 SPC International -- UK based suppliers of new and used food processing machinery.
 SSP Ltd. -- Indian manufacturers and suppliers of food processing equipment.
 Stainless Steel Fabricators, Inc, -- Manufacturers of industrial equipment: lift trucks, meat trucks, dough troughs, restaurant push carts, stainless steel boxes, and tapered trays and pans.
 Ste Ferrando -- Manufacturer of electrical saws for slaughterhouses and cured-meat processing. France.
 Steriflow Barriquand -- Equipment for sterilization, pasteurization and sous-vide for the food and pharmaceutical industry. France.
 Sugden -- Design and manufacture of hotplate plants.
 Superior Steel Products -- Located in Caldwell, Idaho. Manufacturing of stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum storage tanks.
 Tact Machines -- Manufacturer of the steam peeling system.
 Tai Yuh Machine Enterprise Ltd. -- China based manufacturer of food machinery and whole plant equipment.
 Taizhou -- Designers and manufacturers of food processing equipment. Located in Taizhou City, China.
 Tenez Inc. -- Manufacture of stainless steel and enamel tanks for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Czechoslovakia.
 THC Associate Corporation -- Manufacturer of instant noodle production.
 Thermo-Log -- Offer wide range of products for the monitoring and profiling of temperatures within harsh process environments.
 Thomas Precision Machining Inc. -- Specializes in supply of rebuilt machines and replacement parts for food industry.
 Thompson Meat Machinery -- Australia's food processing machinery manufacturer.
 Todays Food Machine Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of food making machines: dough crows cutting- slitting machine, auto cookie, spring roll, soft candy, cookie, cracker dough cutting, filling, semi-auto, steamed bun machine, multi-function cake machine. Located in Taiwan.
 TongHai Science & Technology Co. -- Offering continuous vacuum frying line for processing vegetables and fruits into crispy chips. Located in China.
 Topac -- Modified atmosphere packaging.
 Triphase Ltd. -- Manufacture of spiral installations for the food processing industry, located in UK.
 Troika -- Specialists in processing machinery related to the vegetable oil industry. India.
 TTAC International BV. -- Service to food processing and packaging machines development, projecting and realisation of food plants and food processing lines. Holland.
 Turner Chilled Rolls Ltd -- UK. Manufacturers of chilled iron rolls for food processing industry. Applications include flour milling, cereal flaking, oil extraction, pellet crubling, and coffee grinding.
 Unitrak -- Manufacturers of equipment for the food and chemical processing and packaging industries.
 Urschel Laboratories, Inc. -- Designers and manufacturers of size reduction equipment for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.
 Vesseltech -- UK Producer of Sterile Air Filters for all food and beverage manufacturers. Online purchasing for customers.
 Wharton Associates -- Manufacturer of linking chains for sausage stuffing machines.
 Wilevco -- Offers automatic batter mixers, cryolators, reserve tanks, and mobile refrigeration units.
 Wintech Taparia Ltd. -- Indian manufacturer of snack food and processing equipment.
 WLS Gabler -- Machinery for the confectionary industry.
 Wolf Tec, Inc. -- Suppliers of food processing equipment. Based in New York, USA.
 Wright Process Systems -- Designs, installs and services processing systems for the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
 Yang Jenq Machinery Works Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of food forming machine, noodle strip splitting and sorting machinery, and automatic dough pressing machines. Taiwan based.
 Yeou Shing Machinery Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of iced products, soft drinks and processing machinery. Located in Taiwan.
 Young & Associates, Inc. -- Manufacturer of food forming equipment.
 Zahm and Nagel Co. -- Manufacturer of quality control and carbonating equipment for the food and beverage industry.
 Zilli Bellini srl -- Gravity, rotary, and piston filling equipment.

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