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 Adriafruit Italia S.r.l. -- Packager and marketer of a variety of fresh produce items. Product information, company profile, and contact details.
 Alsum Produce, Inc. -- Grower, packer, and shipper of Absolutely Alsum potatoes, onions, and other vegetables and fruits.
 Ambrosia International, Inc. -- Supplier of fine bulk and specialty foods for industrial and retail applications. Products include macadamias, almonds, pistachios, honey, dried fruits, and other gourmet products. Company profile, product details, and contact information.
 B.T. Produce -- Produce wholesaler. Company profile, product listing, news, contact form, and related links.
 Basic American Foods -- Specializes in prepared potatoes, chili, and beans for the foodservice industry. Product information and rebates, recipes, company profile, and related links.
 BEC Foods -- Manufacturer of food products from fruit pulps and concentrates to pickles, jams, sauces, pastes and ready-to-serve foods.
 Bonatura -- Autonomous, brand oriented subsidiary of the Ditzler Group. Processor of vegetables and producer of ready-to-cook products.
 California Specialty Farms -- Provider of specialty produce items. Company profile, products, specials, shipping information, and contact details.
 Charlie's Produce -- Wholesale distributor of fresh produce, organic produce, floral and grocery items to the Northwest portion of the United States. Products, news, company profile, employment opportunities, related links, and contact details.
 Chiquita Brands, Inc. -- International marketer, producer and distributor of fresh fruit, processed fruit and vegetable products. Company profile and history, news, and employment opportunities.
 Circle Pacific Ltd -- Producer, packer, and exporter of fresh and processed asparagus, squash, apples, and berries from New Zealand. Company profile, product information, recipes, and health benefits.
 Club Chef, Inc. -- Processor of fresh cut produce. Company profile, product and quality control information, and contact links.
 Club Fresh -- Freshly cut and prepared packaged fruits, vegetables and salsa.
 Colfruits -- Colombia based processor of a variety of marmalades and fruit sauces. Includes product information and company profile.
 Coopd'Or -- Producer of dehydrated products and vegetable pulps made from onion, garlic, shallot, asparagus and parsley. Also produces vegetable bags, which allow storage at room temperature for as long as 12 months. Product information, company details, and contact form.
 Coosemans Worldwide -- Specialty produce, including beans, chile peppers, and a variety of fruit. Products, company profile, related links, and contact directory.
 Country Best -- Shipper, packer, and distributor of fresh produce. Company profile, products and descriptions, contact information, and related links.
 CrownAg International Inc. -- A computer colour image sorter of special crops. Sales and contact information.
 Dankwason International (GH) LTD -- African grower and exporter of pineapple, pawpaw and chili peppers. Includes press releases, pricing, and contact form.
 Davis Fresh Technologies -- Produce consultants, specializing in business development, food safety, post harvest, and technology transfer. Company profile, services, articles, and related links.
 Dixie Growers, Inc. -- Growers and distributers of strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. Company profile, product listing, wholesale ordering options, and contact details.
 Dole Europe -- Europe's largest packer and producer. Products, quality standards and accountability, and environmental information.
 Dole Food Company -- The world's largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables. Company profile, job opportunities, recipes, FAQ, and related links.
 Dolphin Sea Vegetable Company -- Small family-run business engaged in manual harvesting of seaweed/algae around Ireland. Provides information on products and their uses, including dulse, sea lettuce, the green seaweed Chlorophyta, kombu, and carrageen or Irish moss.
 Doral Finest Inc. -- Wholesale produce distribution company. Products, services, and contact details.
 Edwin Lorenz International Agency -- Canned and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish. Products, company information, and contact form.
 Ethno food -- Serbian producer of fruit and mushroom based products. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Euro-Atlantic -- Malaysia based importer of fruits, vegetables, and seafood items. Product information, services, press release, and contact details.
 European Food Ingredients -- UK based supplier of dehydrated, dried, and organic produce. Production facility, product information, newsletter, and contact form.
 F&S Produce -- Supplier of fresh produce serving the northeast US region with a fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks. Company profile and contact details, facility tour, and product information.
 F. G. Lister and Company -- Wholesale distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables in Ontario and Quebec.
 Ferryfast Produce Ltd. -- UK firm specializing in fresh produce marketing and distribution.
 Florida Food Products, Inc -- Grows and processes botanical aloe vera gel and vegetable-based concentrates for the beverage, cosmetic, food and nutritional industries.
 Freedom Fresh -- Wholesaler and storage facility for conventional and organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Company profile, facilities, divisions, and contact details.
 Fresh Servant -- Finish wholesaler of fruits and vegetables to Nordic countries.
 FreshKing -- Grows and markets Florida avocados, miniature vegetables, limes, lichee nuts, mangos, papayas, yellow tomatoes, passion fruit, carambola, sugar snap peas, snow peas, and haricot verts. Includes product information, recipes, and company information.
 Fruitnet -- News and information for the international fresh fruit and vegetable industry. From the pages of Eurofruit and Asiafruit magazines.
 Frutas Rodriguez, S.L. -- Spanish producer of a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Garchan Company Ltd -- Producer of a variety of canned and IQF produce, including pineapple, peaches, mushrooms, green beans, and water chestnuts. Company information, products, and contact details. [English/Chinese]
 Great Lakes International Trading -- Importer and supplier of dried fruit, edible seeds and nuts.
 Green Cuisine -- Greenhouse grower of living microgreens, culinary herbs and specialty greens. Offers custom growing services to chefs. Company profile, product information, order form, and recipes.
 Green Garden Foods -- Grower and supplier of chilled, frozen, marinated and dehydrated produce. Products, availability information, company profile and competitors, and feedback form.
 Green Giant -- Produces frozen and canned vegetable products as well as side dishes. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact information.
 H2O International Co., Ltd. -- Manufacturer of canned and dried fruits and vegetables and juices. Product information, company profile, and contact details.
 Hayward Enterprises -- Specializes in purees. Products, company profile, recipes, FAQ, newsletter description, and employment opportunities.
 Huaxian Fuquanlai Food Industry Co., Ltd -- Producer and exporter of asparagus and mushrooms. Company information, products, and contact details.
 Intellispec -- Supplies the retail and wholesale produce industry with onsite video inspections of fruits and vegetables within the U.S. Company profile, services, online demo, and contact details.
 International Specialty Supply -- Offers sprout equipment and certified sprouting seed for the commercial production of alfalfa sprouts and bean sprouts. Includes product information and contact form.
 Iran Nap Co., Ltd. -- Exporter of dried fruits and nuts. Company information and contact details.
 J.S. Industries -- Producer of papain, papaya seeds, palmarosa oil, lemongrass oil, and metha oil. Company profile, product information, and rate lists.
 James Desiderio Wholesale Fruit and Produce -- Provider to supermarkets and foodservice establishments. Company history, manufacturing and distribution facility information, products, and contact directory.
 Lianyungang Yung Fung Foods -- Supplier of frozen, canned, fresh and dehydrated vegetables and fruit in China.
 Longhai Gelin Foods Co., LTD -- Chinese producer of IQF and dried produce. Includes company profile and product information.
 M & M Produce, Inc. -- Produce distributor and supplier of wine related equipment. Product listing and contact details.
 Maria Fruits -- Processor, wholesaler and exporter of organic and conventional dried fruits and nuts. Products, quality control information, and contact details.
 Monet de Loucen Int S.A -- Manufacturer of concentrated juices and pulps. Product information, calendar of crops, company profile, and contact form.
 Morgan Laurenson Ltd -- New Zealand based prepacker of potatoes, carrots, onions and other produce for the local retail and export markets. Company profile and history, divisions, future plans, and contact details.
 Nanjing Fortune-Door Industry Corp. -- Producers of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables in China.
 Nanjing Nauhongda Foos Ltd -- China based manufacturer and exporter of IQF and canned produce items as well as instant noodles. Products, factory information, and contact details.
 Nathel and Nathel Inc. -- Wholesale produce distribution. Company profile and history, staff members, and contact form.
 Nationwide Produce PLC -- Suppliers of bulk fresh produce to the UK and abroad.
 Naurus (Pvt) Ltd. -- Pakistan based producer of a variety of produce items. Products, services, recipes, and contact details.
 New Lamthong Foods Industries -- Manufacturer and packer of canned and frozen produce. Company profile, product information, and contact form.
 New Millenium Group -- China based processor of fresh and frozen vegetables. Company profile, product information, and contact details.
 Nisarg Nirman -- Indian producers of fresh farm produce.
 Nopal Export, S.A de C.V -- Mexico based wholesaler of nopal powder. Product description, health benefits, coop information, related links, and contact form.
 O.M.S.Tamarind Merchants (P) Ltd. -- Exporters of onion, tamarind, groundnut kernels and golden color jaggery powder. Includes product information and contact details.
 Ontario Direct Floral & Produce -- Wholesales a full line of vegetables and floral items. Includes price request form and contact details.
 Paste and Juice Company -- Producer of concentrates, pulps, tomato paste and ketchup, fruit drinks and juices, syrups, appetizers and convenience products. Product information, company profile, and contact details.
 Peakfresh -- Fresh produce packaging company; descriptions of products and company information.
 Produce Facts -- Factsheets with recommendations for maintaining postharvest quality of produce.
 Produce Reporter Company -- Providers of credit and marketing information to businesses involved in the wholesale fresh fruit and vegetable industry.
 Produce-ing Results Int'l -- South Florida importer of fresh fruits and vegetables specializing in berries, mangos, asparagus and onions. -- U.S. based produce broker. Company profile and contact forms.
 Race-West Produce -- Produce marketing company in partnerships with assorted growers. Company profile, products, news, and contact details.
 Schare & Associates -- Suppliers to food and beverage industry of fruit juice concentrates, purees, essences, flavors and bases, a full line of vegetable extracts, frozen fruits, natural colors, tomato pastes.
 Shandong Jiufa Edible Fungus Co., Ltd -- Mushrooms, asparagus, and canned, frozen, or dehydrated fruits and vegetables.
 Sid Wainer Specialty Produce and Specialty Foods -- Specialty produce and specialty foods distributor, wholesaler, and retailer: fresh vegetables and fruits, baskets, specialty foods, and seafoods. HACCP Certified.
 Simplot Food Group -- American suppliers of potato, vegetable and fruit products for the food service industry. Information on Simplot's various processed potato, mixed vegetable, fruit and avocado products, as well as recipes and news.
 Sofresh -- New Zealand based company specializing in onions and persimmons. Company profile, products, and contact details.
 Soobrand -- Grower and shipper of onions, potatoes, and apples. Company profile, photos, and contact details.
 Stapleton-Spence Packing Co. -- Supplier of California prunes, raisins, dried fruit and nut products to the foodservice industry.
 Storage and Postharvest Information -- Storage and postharvest information for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
 Sun World Produce -- Company information for wholesalers, consumers and distributors.
 Tap In Global -- Directory of produce suppliers, equipment sellers, service providers, and transportation companies.
 Tarasco Produce -- Distributor and wholesaler specializing in a variety of chiles, tomatillos, and jicama. Company history and profile, product information, and contact details.
 Texas Fresh Produce Guide -- Directory of producers in Texas by county or by fruit or vegetable.
 Thor Foods -- Fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables.
 Tropical Products Transport Handbook -- From the US Department of Agriculture. Details the proper handling of a variety of fruits and vegetables.
 Van Drunen Farms -- Specializes in dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs for use as ingredients by the food processing industry.
 Vaughan Foods Inc. -- Manufacturer of fresh cut vegetables and deli salad. Company profile, distributor information, products, virtual tour, and contact details.
 Verdelli Farms -- Regional processor of fruits and vegetables. Product information, company profile, news, and contact details.
 Vori -- Packer of a variety of produce items, including peppers, cucumbers, and salads. Company profile, product information, and contact details.
 ZerGut -- Gourmet Mediterranean foods imported from Bulgaria. The line includes peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, pickles and preserves.
 Zhong Food Co., Ltd. -- Producer of canned, frozen, air dried, freeze dried and fresh fruits and vegetables.
 ZhongShan ZhengFeng Dried Fruit Foodstuffs Import & Export Co., Ltd. -- Producer of dried fruit, noodles, processed foods and soy sauce. Includes products and company profile.

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