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 Canned  Commercial Harvesting
 Fish  Frozen
 Import and Export  Shellfish
 Wholesale and Distribution

 Alimentos Congelados Froxa, SA -- Spanish producer of pre-cooked fish and shellfish products.
 Alliance Seafoods, Inc. -- Importers of a wide variety of seafood into the United States. Company profile, product details, and contact information.
 Anastassakis Seafood -- Greek harvester and distributor of fresh and frozen seafood. Site is in Greek and English.
 Arctic Fisheries Ltd. -- Offers seafood from the Artic waters of Iceland, Norway, Canada, Russia, and the United States. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Arpeggio's -- Alaskan producer of smoked salmon caviar.
 Atkins and Barder -- Producers of prepared salmon and other fish products. Flakes, dices, cubes and pieces offered. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Atkins and Frères -- French producer of smoked seafood. Site is in French and English.
 Atlanfish -- Processor of Irish seafood products to both local and foreign European markets.
 Australian Southern Seafood Group of Companies -- Processors and marketers of wild-caught abalone, farmed abalone, oysters, oyster spat, and leather jacket fish.
 B. M. Enterprise Inc. -- Processor and exporter of frozen seafood, especially fish, shrimp, seabob and prawns. Has own sea-going trawler fleet. Based in Guyana, South America. Product and contact information.
 Bama Sea Products, Inc. -- Producer of domestic shrimp, fresh fish and shellfish.
 Bernard O'Brien -- Central and Eastern Europe sales agent based in the UK.
 BH Fisheries Limited -- Family owned fresh lobster and other seafood (clams, scallops, salted fish) wholesaler in Canada. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Blue Continent Group -- Specialises in the fishing, processing, procurement and international marketing and distribution of local (South African) and foreign caught marine and related products. Product and contact information.
 Blue Moon Seafood -- A New Zealand company providing seafood salads and pizzas, smoked mussels, and other products to the supermarket industry.
 Bornstein Seafoods -- Longtime west coast seafood processor with operations in Alaska, B.C., Washington and Oregon. Specializes in bottom fish, halibut, and salmon. Company history and contact links.
 Captain Marden's Seafoods -- Wholesaler and retailer of fish, shrimp, scallops, and lobster. Company profile, wholesale information, and contact form.
 Catalano Seafoods -- Family owned and operated company providing fresh seafood produce to the supermarket, hospitality and export markets in Australia. Product and contact information.
 Chanco -- Iranian producer of Caspian Sea fresh, frozen, canned, and marinated seafood.
 Charles Mulholland and Sons -- Harvests and supplies seafood to the retail fish trade in UK and Ireland. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Chirag International -- Indian processors of fresh, pan-frozen, and flash-frozen seafood.
 Clearwater Fine Foods -- Live Nova Scotia lobster, seafood, Seabright smoked salmon and dinner packages. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Cochin Frozen Food Exports Pvt. Ltd. -- Processors and exporters of seafoods and marine foods from India, predominantly frozen fish, pud shrimps, scampi, and fresh water prawns.
 Conservas Valcarcel Seafoods -- Spanish processor and distributor of shellfish, fish, and cooked specialties.
 CTPP -- A French company specializing in fish co-products processing and marine extract production. Site is in French and English.
 D.B. Kenney Fisheries -- Provides seafoods from Nova Scotia.
 Demcos Seafoods -- Australian supplier of packaged seafood.
 Direct Ocean -- French specialist in seafood processing and marketing.
 Dungeness Development Associates, Inc. -- Offers a large selection of fine quality seafood products from the Pacific Northwest - salmon caviar, crab, and shrimp. Company history, product details, recipes and contact information.
 E. Rusich Seafood Brokerage -- Louisiana broker for fresh and frozen seafood specializing in shrimp.
 E.N Vanderdrift, Ltd. -- Processors of live and smoked eel products. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Erkins Seafood Letter, The -- Seafood Industry Newsletter - monthly market analysis and opinion, inventories, prices, resources and market outlooks
 Fesinco -- Specializes in non-tradition seafood items such as sharkfins, fishmaws, and rayskins. Company and contact information.
 FishChain -- A global business e-marketplace in the seafood and fishery industry.
 Fishery Products International -- Newfoundland based international seafood enterprise.
 Food Marketers International -- Canadian supplier and marketer of quality seafood products with an emphasis on salmon. Company profile, product listing, and contact information.
 Francefish -- Offers seafood from France for restaurants around the world. Product and contact information.
 Frionor -- Vertically integrated groundfish supplier on five continents.
 G.Apostolou S.A -- Greek processor and distributor of fresh and frozen seafood. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.
 Geo Seafoods -- Indian processor of shrimp, cuttlefish, octopus, and finned fish. -- Marketplace for buyers and sellers in the seafood industry. Includes news, industry and product information.
 Great Northern Products, Ltd. -- US company offering seafood products harvested and processed by its family of affiliated Canadian producers. Product and contact information.
 Gulf Seafood, LLC -- Dubai, UAE-based company engaged in processing, export (customer brands), import, and distribution of seafood products.
 Harbor Seafood, Inc. -- Processes and imports seafood from around the world: surimi, king crab, snow crab, alaskan crab, bahama tails, brazil tails, langostinos, and shrimp.
 Harengus S.A. -- Argentine harvester, processor, and exporter of seafood.
 Harvest Select Catfish, Inc. -- Producers of farm raised, grain fed catfish and catfish products. Company profile, recipes, and product and contact details.
 Honel Fisheries family -- Seafood providers from Southeast Asia.
 Iberconsa Group of Companies -- Spanish suppliers of seafoods (specializing in hake and illex squid) from their own freezer vessels and factories. Site is in Spanish and English.
 Icelands Gourmet -- Gourmet seafoods from Iceland.
 Icicle Seafoods, Inc. -- Seattle based processor of seafood products. Company profile and history, product details, recipes, and contact information.
 Id Mer - Technical Institute for the Development of Sea Products -- Provides technical assistance in the following areas : customizing development of new products and food processes, enhancing value of by-products, and pre-industrial trials.
 Inshore Fish and Frozen Seafood -- Processor and distributor delivering seafood for the catering market in northeast and northwest England.
 Intersea Fisheries West, Inc. -- A seafood supplier that specializes in West Coast products, as well as imports from both Europe and Asia.
 Irfish -- Irish processor of fish, shellfish, and crustacea.
 Isla del Rey -- Chilean shellfish and seafood distributor of a variety of products from South America. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Jane Jane -- Information about Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise Co. Ltd., a Tawain seafood company.
 JAVICO.,Ltd -- Vietnamese producer of a variety of seafood products. Company profile, product listing, and contact links.
 Jiahua Sino-Canadian Ocean Products -- Joint Chinese-Canadian seafood harvesting venture. Company profile; product and contact information.
 Jing International Corp. -- Processor, importer, and exporter of seafood. Headquarters in Bellevue, WA and branch in China.
 JPL Shellfish -- Scottish suppliers of fresh fish and seafish.
 Kinsley Carr, Ltd. -- UK supplier of lobsters, crabs, and seasonal fish.
 La Monegasque -- Processor and distributer of anchovies in Europe. Company profile, product brand and contact details.
 Lansea Foods Private Limited -- Processors and exporters of seafoods and marine products from India, predominantly frozen fish, cuttlefish, squid, and octopus.
 Liveris Afentoulis Co. -- Greek producer of seafood products. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Mar-Lees Seafood, Inc. -- Seafood processor offering fresh and frozen scallops and shrimp. Company profile and history; contact links.
 Misaja Mitra, PT -- Indonesian processor with over 30 years of processing shrimp, crabs, jellyfish, and fish for consumption in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.
 Monterey Fish Company -- Packer and exporter of fresh, frozen, and canned seafoods. Products include squid (calamari), sardines, anchovies, and mackerel.
 National Fish and Seafood, Inc. -- Value added raw breaded, precooked breaded, fully cooked and batter dipped retail and food service fish and seafood products. Located in Gloucester, Mass.
 NEFDA - FishFacts -- New England Fisheries Development Association - seafood industry news items and press releases
 NetYield Seafood Software -- Product information and customer support for a weight-based inventory and business control systems for seafood processors, distributors, and traders.
 Ngai Tahu Seafoods -- Harvester, processor, and exporter of New Zealand seafood.
 NMFS Fishery Market News -- The primary function of this joint Federal/industry program is to provide accurate and unbiased reports depicting current conditions affecting the trade in fish and fishery products.
 Noble Mermaid Sdn Bhd. -- Malaysian firm offering a variety of seafood products and fishmeal. Company profile, product and contact information.
 Nordic Group, Inc. -- Wholesale Norwegian frozen salmon, haddock, cod and shrimp. Foodservice recipes for haddock, salmon and cod. Boston, MA.
 NZ King Salmon Company Limited -- Producer of King Salmon offering a vast range of fresh, frozen and smoked products from New Zealand's leading brands Regal, Southern Ocean and Seasmoke.
 Oak Lodge Salmon Ltd -- Manufacturer of smoked salmon and smoked fish products. Product gallery and contact information.
 Ocean Aquamarine Products Enterprises -- Philippine-based exporter of non-traditional indigenous marine products.
 Ocean Beauty Seafood, Inc. -- Vertically integrated seafood company with worldwide sourcing and company owned processing, distribution and sales outlets in Alaska offering fresh, frozen and canned seafood products. Company profile, product and brand information, and contact details.
 Ocean Garden Products, Inc. -- High quality seafood from around the world, including shrimp, lobster, crab, and fish.
 Ocean Seafoods Limited -- British seafood processor and canner. Company profile, product information, and contact details.
 Odyssey Seafood, Inc. -- Processors of a wide variety of fish and shellfish products. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact information.
 Orca Specialty Foods -- Canadian producer of smoked salmon and value added salmon products. Company profile, product and contact details.
 Owanke Group and Associates -- Singaporean and Indonesian group distributing shark fins, liver oil, and cartilage as well as other seafood products.
 Pacific Andes International Holdings Limited -- Processor and distributor of a wide range of seafood products. Company profile, distribution map, product and contact details.
 Pacific Island Lobster Fisheries: Bonanza or Bankruptcy? -- Tim Adams and Paul Dalzell. Inshore Fisheries Research Project, South Pacific Commission, New Caledonia.
 Pacifica Seafoods -- Producers and exporters of New Zealand greenshell mussels, Pacific oysters and rock lobster, and other seafood varieties. Product and contact details.
 Papa Piazza Seafood -- Seafood, sausage and exotic meat processor and distributor in Louisiana with delivery across the USA.
 Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc. -- Producers of frozen, canned and fresh seafood products. Company profile, plant location index, product information, informational video, and contact details.
 Pieters Group -- Internationally-oriented and integrated group specialized in the supply, processing, sales and distribution of high quality seafood. Site is in English, Dutch, and French.
 Pola Minerals -- Supplier of scallop and crab shells to the food manufacturing and restaurant industries.
 Premium Group of Companies -- Vertically aligned group of companies involved in the harvesting, processing, and ditribution of seafood products. Arichat, Nova Scotia, Canada. Profile of companies, product and contact information.
 Pristar BV. -- Offers wild caught shrimp, octopus, and lobster from the coast of Nigeria. Company profile, fishery map, and product and contact details.
 PT.Medan Tropical Canning and Frozen Industries -- Indonesian manufacturer of canned and frozen seafood. Product and contact information.
 Quinault Pride Seafood -- Supports and sustains traditional seafood resources harvested from Quinalt tribal lands. Includes a list of products, wholesale buyer information, and educational resources on preserving the environment.
 Regal Springs Tilapia -- Additive-free fresh or frozen tilapia fillets.
 RF Exports -- Indian processors and exporters of seafood and marine products, mainly shrimps, prawns, squids, cuttlefish and fresh water/sea water fish products.
 Roccos Seafood -- Wholesaler and processor specializing in local Queensland seafood such as prawns, reef fish, crabs, scallops, and bugs.
 Royal Fish -- Italian seafood processors. Site is in English and Italian.
 Ruggiero Seafood, Inc. -- Processor and distributor of calamari and other seafood items. Company details, product information, and contact links.
 Salmolux, Inc. -- Processors of smoked seafood and related gourmet food products. Company history, product list, and contact details.
 Sea Harvest -- A South African fully vertically integrated fishing company specializing in the supply and distribution of Cape Capensis, a premium white fish.
 Sea Shore Seafood -- Specializing in shipping live Maine lobster and fresh New England seafood to homes, restaurants, and fish markets nationwide.
 Seabrook Seafood -- Specializing in fresh shrimp and farm-raised catfish.
 SeaChange Seafoods -- Canadian supplier of smoked salmon, lobster, crab, and salmon pate. -- A European-based interactive market for seafood products in which customers can buy and sell.
 Seafarmers Pty. Ltd. -- Suppliers of Australian farmed seafood.
 SeaFood Business -- U.S. trade magazine for the seafood industry.
 Seafood Choices Alliance -- Provides seafood purveyors (fishers, chefs, and retailers) with the information necessary to make responsible choices about seafood.
 Seafood from Shetland -- Shetland's online seafood resource with an index of seafood suppliers, retailers, and services.
 Seafood Search -- Search for wholesalers and producers of seafood by species and by company worldwide.
 Seafrais. -- Supplier of salmon by-products to large industrial manufacturers for their use in food processing. Company profile, contact and product details.
 Sealord Group -- Harvests deep-sea fish species and shellfish from the ocean around New Zealand. Also farms Greenshell mussels. Company profile, product and contact information.
 Seamazz Seafood Products -- Importer of a variety of seafood products.
 SeaSpecialties Inc -- Seafood company specializing in smoked fish. Divisions, products, and contact information.
 Seaways Limited -- A Solomon Islands exporter and processor of beche-de-mer, shark fins, and trochus shell.
 Setiadi Network Inc. -- California based producer of fresh frozen and canned yellowfin and albacore tuna. Company profile, news, products, and contact details.
 Shetland Norse Preserving Company Limited -- Specialises in the supply of quality fresh, canned and frozen seafood products. Company information, contact and product details.
 Sinindo Fisheries Company -- Activities include the operation of a fishery auction market, and the import and export of seafood product in Singapore. Product and contact details.
 Smugglers Choice Seafoods -- Exporter of Tasmanian and Australian seafoods.
 SOGECI S.A. -- Commercial fishing business based in Aquin, Haiti, exporting lobsters, shrimp and other fish species to Europe, Asia, and North America.
 South Pacific Abalone S.A. -- Chilean processor of live, frozen and canned red abalone and turbot. Company profile, product information, and sales and contact details.
 Starvin Marvin's Seafood -- Fresh seafood supplier, shipping a wide variety of fresh frozen seafood worldwide. Company profile, contact and product details.
 State Fish Company -- An Ohio supplier of seafood.
 Stavis Seafood, Inc. -- Wholesaler with a large slection of fresh and frozen seafood products.
 Stoller Fisheries -- Kosher processer of freshwater rough fish, rowe, commercial baits, by-products, and carp pituitary for Aquaculture.
 Tampa Maid -- A supplier of value-added shellfish and specialty seafood products to the food industry.
 Tasmanian Seafoods Pty Ltd -- Wholesalers and exporters of live, dried, and frozen, Tasmanian and Victorian abalone, dried seacucumber, bech-de-meer, whiting, sea urchin, and sea urchin roe.
 Thai Union Frozen Products PCL -- Processor of seafood products, OEM and under own brand name (Chicken of the Sea).
 The Catfish Company -- Wholesale distributor of fresh, frozen, smoked and processed catfish and other fish products.
 The Pacific Group -- Processors of a wide array of seafood items.
 The Town Dock -- A fresh and frozen seafood supplier of squid, cleaned calamari, fillet, herring, mackerel, and other seafood products.
 TM Software -- WiseFish is integrated fisheries and seafood management processing software for quality control and process optimization.
 Trident Seafoods -- Vertically integrated harvester, processor and marketer of seafood from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and from around the world. Company profile and history, product brands, and contact information.
 U.S. FDA Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia -- A compilation of data in several formats that assists with the accurate identification of fish species. Intended to help federal, state, and local officials and purchasers of seafood identify species substitution and economic deception in the marketplace.
 Unigreat Resources -- Singapore importer, exporter, and wholesaler of dried and specialty seafoods.
 Vela Fishing, Ltd. -- Privately-owned and family-operated international seafood company. Based in New Zealand.
 Western Edge Seafood -- Miami, Florida based importers and distributors of fresh and frozen seafood. Company profile, product and packaging details.
 William Pickering and Sons -- A British family-run business producing breaded seafood products.
 WiseFish -- Complete software package for seafood processing.
 Wood Fisheries Pty Ltd -- Trawler operators and exporters of Australian prawns and fish including tuna and swordfish.
 Woodbine Alaska Fish Company -- Producers of wild, natural and sustainable seafood products. Company profile, product and contact details.
 World Fish Site -- Provides news, events, species information, company directories, and links. Site is in Spanish and English.
 Zaloom Marketing Corp -- Surimi seafood products from Thailand, Korea, China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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