Monday, February 22, 2010

Toyota Sells More Cars After Accelerator Recall

Florida Toyota Dealer Sells More Cars the Week After Accelerator-Related Recall

North Palm Beach, FL, February 01, 2010 -- Toyota dealer Earl Stewart Toyota of North Palm Beach (FL) reports that his dealerships sold more cars this Friday, Jan. 29, than on Friday, Jan. 22 before the Toyota accelerator pedal recall was announced. The dealership sold 15 cars on Friday. "That's actually three more cars than we sold one week ago Friday," Earl Stewart said. "We've only had one bad day since the recall hit last Monday night. That was on Tuesday when we sold only six cars. But on Wednesday we sold 11 cars, on Thursday we sold 12 cars and on Friday we sold 15, better than what we normally sell on a Friday."

Stewart said the continuing good business at his dealership, which is one of the top 12 dealerships in the nation and enjoys the highest customer satisfaction rating in the entire country, is "because human beings naturally gravitate toward those companies and institutions they find they can trust during a crisis."

Earl Stewart Toyota, upon learning of the recall, immediately decided to provided free loaner cars to its customers who were experiencing trouble with the accelerator involved in the recall. Further, the dealership released to the public, through the media, a photo of the accelerator in question so that Toyota owners could easily determine for themselves if their accelerator was involved in the recall -- saving their customers from unneeded worry and from taking time off from work or leisure to bring the car to the dealer unnecessarily. The dealership also invited customers with the recalled accelerator to bring their cars into the dealership for a free inspection to determine if there was any need for concern related to their specific vehicle.

"Earl Stewart Toyota has earned the reputation of a car dealership that can be trusted and that's why we are actually thriving during this recall," Stewart said.

To interview Earl Stewart, contact Margie Yansura, Wordsmith Communications, at 561-313-5028 or call Earl Stewart directly on his cellphone at 561-358-1474

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Anyone who would like to report information related to the Toyota Recall is urged to become a Toyota Whistleblower and share their story with authorities.


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